Master Resell Rights (MRR) is a Pyramid Scheme



  1. Dom Bavaro says:

    Let me start this off by saying I’m 10,000% on your side and everyone should avoid these two programs. However, this article is a mess of mish moshed info. I’ve been on the “front-line” railing against this tuff on tiktok for about 2 years so I’d like to clarify a few things. Let’s start with LM (which, full disclosure, I promoted on tiktok in 2020 for a bit)

    LM toes right up to the line on Pyramid scheme without technically crossing it per FTC imo. The “front end” Point of sale funnel consists of $7 challenge —> $29 Bump —> $29 marketer’s club membership. You’re correct in that they are pitched the $2500 on day 5 of the 15 day challenge. However, LM leads with “how to market anything” and teaches general concepts. It almost intentionally creates the question “but what do I promote” then on day 15 Dave goes “you might as well promote LM if you have nothing” and thats what most people do. Also because the affiliate training inside the $2500 is given by top LM affiliates selling LM. But again, they’re edited to not explicitly say “you should promote LM” but rather create the question “what should I promote?”

    The way the affiliates are policed though is horrendous. Income claims, etc. and they all share their Lm earnings as “look what I made” etc. That part is spot on. However, I wouldn’t put it into “pyramid scheme” per se. Manipulative? Yes. but not overt & explicit pyramid scheme because they do lead with general education that CAN be applied to anything.

    MRR (“roadmap to riches” & “Learn & earn profits online”) though is another story…

    I’ve been through the MRR course (I rage bought it) and it’s appalling. Literally module 1 after the welcome “here is everything” module, is how to put your own colors & name on the existing course (which you cannot modify the core modules. You can add, but not modify the core.)

    Module 2 is “how to set up your MRR funnel” for the course to sell it. There is a “” model or for the lazy “i want a link ASAP” crowd, how to use a stan store. After that, they then go to “general” marketing modules “which can be applied to anything” as I was told, but after you just set up your MRR funnel, what else would you sell? Most people dont go through these because the “MRR besties” as I call them have their own trainings and how to make clones and they all make the same posts on short video. They go live 5 hrs a day telling everyone how passive it is and 100% profits, yada yada yada.

    Again, I’m on your side, just wanted to clarify the models of the two programs. Just want you to have your ducks in a row and be 100% tight when the flack comes your way (they’re vicious)

    • Christina Scalera says:

      Wow, thank you so much for the insight and for being a champion of (real) small business owners for so long. It really speaks to the lack of transparency about what these products actually are that makes them this difficult to understand. My goal was to spread awareness and foster discussions like this, so thank you for the continued insight. I am doing my best to learn about them but as ever, scammers are always evolving and changing. Thank you for your observations.

      • David Sharpe says:

        Road map to rip off is a scam, their lead magnet is 100% profit but they make money from affiliate links or from almost 15,000 people promoting their business as digital marketing consultants or now from a monthly membership that they split 50/50 between Bonnie and Clyde and the schmuck who bought road map to rip off, and the after roadmap to rip off 2.0 they’re going to have a new course for $497 that you can sell they’ve got you on that flywheel and you are dumb enough to not realize it, if the person who signed you up is no longer part of road map to rip off then you can buy their new product directly from Hannah Montana and cut out the middleman so they found some schmuck to promote their business to find another schmuck and now one of those schmucks is gone so schmuck at the bottom of the pyramid can buy from Hannah Montana. And the quality polish professionalism of road map to ripoff is horrible, 100% of the videos have been re-recorded. Plus with a little bit of effort you can find all of this training for free it’s not hard to do if I can go to the library in prison prison and pass the ethics for the bar to become a lawyer I can learn digital marketing from YouTube. They did stop their flock of sheep from making income claims, scared by the FTC who went after Adriana Villegas Infinity processing system IPS who started the 100% profit, just $39 for a website, you can look her up you’re a lawyer you’re a lawyer multiple FTC and State lawsuits.

      • David Sharpe says:

        Dom Bravaro for your information and FYI roadmap to rip off is not polished and not professional videos but all of the videos have been re-recorded for a road map to rip off 2.0 for your information and FYI.

      • David Sharpe says:

        What was Milgram’s experiment on reaction to authority?
        In the study, an authority figure ordered participants to deliver what they believed were dangerous electrical shocks to another person. These results suggested that people are highly influenced by authority, and highly obedient.

      • David Sharpe says:

        For your information and FYI tell me the difference between a robber and a thief, legendary marker and roadmap to rip off Hannah Montana are different but they are both criminals.

      • Jamie says:

        I wanted to provide some clarification regarding Master Resell Rights (MRR) to ensure accurate information is being conveyed. In simple terms, MRR is a legitimate contract between a buyer and a seller in the digital product industry. It allows the purchaser to resell not only the product but also the rights to resell it to others. I would like to emphasize the legality of MRR and address some inaccuracies that may have arisen.
        Here are key points to consider:
        * Legal Framework: MRR is a legitimate business model where the copyright holder grants the right to resell the product to the purchaser. The legality of MRR depends on adhering to the terms and conditions specified by the copyright holder in the licensing agreement.
        * Clear Terms: To ensure legality, it is crucial for the copyright holder to clearly outline the terms under which MRR is granted. This includes detailing how the product can be resold and any limitations or restrictions associated with it.
        * Not a Pyramid Scheme: MRR is a straightforward resale arrangement and should not be confused with pyramid schemes. Pyramid schemes involve recruitment and payment structures that are inherently fraudulent. MRR is a legitimate way for individuals to resell digital products they have legally acquired.
        Accuracy in information is paramount, and I wanted to bring to your attention that inaccuracies may have been disseminated. It is essential, especially in legal matters, to conduct thorough research before making statements that could impact individuals or businesses.
        As an attorney, it is understood that disseminating accurate information is a fundamental professional responsibility. I trust that moving forward, your expertise will be applied diligently to prevent any unintentional misinformation that may arise.
        If you have any further questions or if there’s additional information you require, I would be happy to provide more details or connect you with relevant resources.

        Ensuring accurate information is vital, and I appreciate your dedication to understanding the nuances of different business models.

    • Zach Pippins says:

      Dom Bravaro. I’m going to ramble because it’s the middle of the night I can’t sleep I drink milk and a bit hiccuping for almost two whole days this is my second day without sleep. I could drink half a gallon of milk at a time a gallon in a day but I get off Lee sick in this case I only drink a quart of milk so I’m not having as much of it and allergic reaction.

    • David Sharpe says:

      Dom Bravaro. Yes roadmap to ripoff is a scam in so many ways, please accept my rambling message because I am not feeling well right now. For your information and FYI road map to ripoff mrr does not include affiliate links, according to Hannah Montana however I have been verified that one way or another but if you are making 100% profit profit they are making 10% for a total 110% sale, at a minimum, they now have 22 dollar per month membership $11 split 50/50 between Bonnie and Clyde and the schmuck who bought the program of course from Hannah Montana. The system IO training is horrible, I would never sell such training not only is it unorganized, although Michelle Spark Lee Levesque has shared her updated systemio training with Hannah Montana so road map to ripoff 2.0 will have new recordings, recordings video. But the system IO training is free from systemioids or $97 and you can resell it or free on YouTube much better that you get from Eran Bucai Ivan Mana Jonathan Montoya Eartha affiliate Jacob Mitchell thn you get from Hannah Montana who is just learning it and is a beginner. And everybody has moved over to stan store so how is roadmap to riches worth $497 with the new stan stor module. Road map to rip off 2.0 is a lead magnet to their new training course which you’ll have to buy for $497 with a monthly subscription. Shhhh that’s a secret. Don’t tell the fish that there’s a hook inside. Hannah Montana never had a job in marketing she was a bar girl and selling makeup door to door to hair salons and women’s boutiques trying to get them to put makeup on shelf so she could make a commission at the checkout have you ever been to 7-Eleven or some other convenience store with all the crap on the counter that’s what Hannah Montana was doing as a commission employee. She’s a College dropout without education and marketing never was in marketing tried to print some T-shirts that she could never. She’s a bar girl getting into bar fights and met her husband getting into bar fights. They have a history of looking for suckers to cheat. Still all over Texas Mississippi Oklahoma Louisiana people love Bonnie and Clyde Clyde.

    • David Sharpe says:

      Dom Bravaro for your information and FYI Hannah Montana doesn’t have any experience she’s like a schoolgirl who studied and took notes on the three chapters for the test and it’s in study hall with her cheerleader friend and is letting her friend look over her notes so her friend can cram for the history test next Period, Hannah Montana is learning doesn’t have any experience but claim she has 10 years experience when 10 years ago she was in high school want to be cheerleader flashing her boobs on Facebook doesn’t make you a digital marketing expert being a bar girl and selling cosmetics makeup door to door doesn’t make you someone with marketing experience being a College dropout doesn’t mean you have an education in marketing she’s got nothing she’s just taking advantage of uneducated ignorant poor schmucks amazing that she found 15,000

  2. Scams like this proliferate when people feel desperate and people get FOMO and feel like they’re missing out.

    In hindsight, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for someone to mash MLM and digital marketing together. It’s an inflection point where inflation, recession and social media virality makes people feel desperate.

  3. Loretta Lynne says:

    I’ve been in marketing for 23 years and this article is definitely mixing parts from LM with parts from The Roadmap and there is a ton of errors in things you are saying about both.

    I’ve done both programs and would love to educate you so next time you post something like this it could at least have factual stuff included.

    • David Sharpe says:

      Loretta Lynn if that’s your real name, you blocked me on TikTok. It doesn’t matter whether this article is full of areas or not a road map to rip off is not worth $497 it’s not worth $49. And Hannah Montana is a scammer. Look at the new modules for roadmap to rip off 2.0 she doesn’t have any experience it’s like a school girl who took some classroom notes and gave it to her girlfriend and study hall so her friend can cram for the test next period. Hannah Montana doesn’t have any experience except being a bar girl and selling makeup cosmetics door to door to hair salons and women’s dress boutique

  4. I think it’s wise for everyone to do their due diligence when they are looming to buy any kind of education and training program or product and as former accountants “due diligence” is our thing.

    That being said without mentioning programs at this point there are and always will be bad marketers who say and do things they shouldn’t usually because they’ve learnt from the person they bought it from! As Seth Godwin once said in the first issue of a book he wrote “All Marketers Are Liars”

    That being said as an owner of The Roadmap it needs clarifying that you are buying a digital marketing education and training course. The ability to resell it because you get the MRR rights is something altogether different.

    Owning the course we can say in our opinion it’s good basic digital marketing training that all business owners whatever their business could benefit from to help them expand their business

    At $497 (plus relevant taxes depending where you live) is pretty good value for money

    We’ve spent far more for much less

    There are many other benefits such as the community which supports and helps new members

    Buy from someone who will genuinely help and guide you versus someone on Tik Tok copying someone else on Tik Tok who has no clue what they are doing

    • Jamie says:

      David Sharpe,

      I hope this message finds you well. I read your comments regarding Master Resell Rights and your associated program, and I must express my disappointment in the unprofessional and degrading tone you’ve taken. As a business owner who values professionalism, your remarks were not only disrespectful but also detrimental to constructive discourse within the business community.

      It is disheartening to witness a figure of influence downplaying another business, resorting to name-calling, and labeling it as a scam without providing substantial evidence to support such claims. As a professional in the industry, one would expect a more balanced and respectful approach, fostering an environment where businesses can coexist and thrive.

      Furthermore, your choice of language, especially when addressing the owner, is not only unprofessional but also raises concerns about gender sensitivity. Degrading comments have no place in a professional dialogue, and it is disappointing to see someone of your stature engaging in such behavior.

      As business owners, we understand the importance of healthy competition and the need for diverse business models. It is essential to compete on the merits of one’s product rather than resorting to negative tactics that only serve to undermine the credibility of the entire industry.

      I urge you to reconsider your approach and contribute to a more positive and constructive environment within the business community.

      Your influence has the power to shape discussions and perceptions, and it is my hope that you choose to use it responsibly moving forward.


      • Rachel says:


        I feel pretty confident in saying whoever that person is, it is not Dave Sharpe. Aside from the profanity there are many grammar and spelling errors. Dave Sharpe puts out tons of content that is all more polished than that and has a team of internet “gurus” at his disposal to handle these kinds of comments. Also, throughout Dave’s courses and websites he talks about other courses and programs that are out there, I’ve never heard him be derogatory when talking about his competition and in some instances he even says if LM isn’t a good fit, maybe one of those other courses could be. I’ve encountered many people online and across social media impersonating Dave and other members of his team in an attempt to rope people into their own pitches. I’d encourage anyone to disregard the comments in this section claiming to be from Dave or Zach and Hannah.

  5. Nicole says:

    Question- does the $2500 for “blueprints “ go to the original company or do you receive 100% of that as well if you purchase the MRR?

    • June says:

      You get $1000:commission from LM when someone buys the blueprints from your affiliate link

    • June says:

      You get $1000:commission from LM when someone buys the blueprints from your affiliate link

    • Lisa says:

      LM is not an MRR, and teaches and shares a ton of different niches. Majority of their students don’t actually promote the course. No affiliate for LM is required to buy anything. At least that’s how it has been for the last year or so. (All can be looked up and verified on their website – anyone can sign up to be an affiliate)
      On day 5 there is an offer where you get 4 blueprints for the price of 1. After that you can purchase any of them, at anytime separately. Yes you get access to the full challenge. The blueprints includes live calls, ongoing tech support and content review in any niche, a lot is included. I never had any hard sell for an LLC and didn’t do that.

  6. Allyson says:

    The Roadmap to Riches and Legendary Marketer are two completely separate things. The Roadmap was created by Zach and Hannah Pippins, not Dave. They do not get a piece of anyone’s sales other than their own. And the point of the course is to learn how to brand yourself and sell your own products, not JUST to sell the course. I am using it to set up a website and sales funnel so I can sell my own digital products. Tons of other women are doing that too. Your information is way off.

    • David Sharpe says:

      Legendary marketer and road map to rip off are not completely different they are both scams in their own different way and if you can’t realize that that’s your problem that you didn’t do your diligence due diligence

  7. Allyson says:

    With The Roadmap to Riches there are zero fees on top of the initial $497. The community is free. There are never any upsells or additional products to buy. It’s just the one course. I know because I bought it. You don’t have to believe it’s “life-changing” but at least get the correct information.

  8. Sabrina says:

    Hey dear!
    Entschuldigen Sie die Verwirrung. Hier ist die Übersetzung:

    “I’m lying here awake in Germany because this topic has been bothering me so much in the past few days. I’m so glad to have found your article. So far, Instagram has exposed me to all these ‘poor’ women’s accounts, and I was completely overwhelmed by it. Fascinated and shocked at the same time. I’m so glad to have read this here. Who knows, otherwise, I might have actually bought and brought this course to Germany in one or two more sleepless nights.

    • Reeese says:

      Sabrina this article is biased Sometime people have one bad experience and write off everything else associated with it. For instance if you had bad service at one restaurant in a chain would you notgo to another one. It is the manager, the chef etc or the restaurant not the restaurant as a whole itself. Because then Mcdonalds would be out of business by now,

    • David Sharpe says:

      Road map to ripoff is a scam and if you can’t realize that then that’s your fault, these people who say legendary marketer is a scam and roadmap to riches isn’t, one is a criminal and the other one is a thief, tell me the difference

  9. Tess Cameron says:

    This article is so biased and incorrect! Seemly written by someone who wants to retro fit the argument that MRR is the villain.
    Correction: With ‘The Roadmap’ it’s a once off payment of $497 US and there are no upsells or pushy tactics. As a professional marketer for the last 25 years I 100% back the Roadmap Course as one of the most comprehensive I’ve ever done.

  10. Reeese says:

    Roadmap isnt a pyramid scheme no one gets commissions. You resell the course outright and get 100% profits it doesnt trickle down. You dont have to sign anyone up. The roadmap is truly a course in digital marketing very thorough you still have to do the work.

    • Nusrat says:

      Hi Regards ese,
      So speaking as a potential next “victim” on MRR- if you’ve gained value from the course and enabled yourself to push your own (digital or otherwise) products produced by yourself or others for that matter to earn commissions – while promoting the course for others to do the same- is that not just simply referrals and WoM- marketing 101?

      Of course I believe MRR sellers should be more transparent about the monthly/lifetime fee you pay in order to hold the rights to sell the product but I’m not sure I get the part of a scam here? What am I missing?

      I hold a business science marketing degree and have been in financial services for more than 10 years. This is the model my company (global) has used for 175 years using intermediaries selling financial policies and investments earning a commission. And if as a purchaser of those policies you wanted to become a seller yourself (independent, networked or franchised) to also earn commissions you’d go through specialised training by the “owners” of those products in this case the financial services company. I believe this is the way of the world before our time.

      It’s just in an era of a different set of goods in a different niche, very accessible and easy where some are exploiting the concept by feeding off the vulnerable through unscrupulous tactics of their own. But the model itself is nothing new.

    • David Sharpe says:

      Of course road map to riches is a pyramid scheme you are confusing pyramid scheme with multi-level marketing MLM roadmap to riches is a scam whether you can see it or believe it or not

  11. Yeniffer Fuentes says:

    Thank you very much for open my eyes !!!!

  12. courtney says:

    I mean if you’re going to write reviews on why people shouldn’t do something you should have correct information. You literally mixed up two different courses and are spreading wrong information. You’re no better than everyone else spreading fake news.

    • David Sharpe says:

      This is an opinion don’t worry about it correct information or not doesn’t matter road map to rip off is a scam just like legendary marketer they are both scams in their own way one is robber and the other is a thief tell me the difference

    • David Sharpe says:

      Courtney I’ve seen you on tiktok
      If you can’t figure out that you’re being scammed and cheated you’re paying $497 for something that’s overpriced then you’re going to split $2 .50/50and affiliate links are going to Hannah Montana. And then after roadmap to rip off 2.0 you’re going to be suckered into another $497 deal with another 50/50 membership split. And if you’re mentor coach who roped you into the scam is out of the picture you’re going to pay $497 to Hannah Montana directly and you are promoting her digital marketing business you are being scammed. Road map to rip off to is a knockoff of Michele O’Neill daily pay and Adriana Villegas Infinity processing system Hannah publicly admitted it on tiktok live. Compare both side to side and Michele O’Neill knows how to build a community what kind of community do you have from road map to ripoff where over 90% of the members are inactive. Michelle O’Neill community is over 50% active active even Michelle Spark Lee Levesque community is 87% inactive. What about Eric Forner Passive Income Blueprints Colleen Michelle Tammy they were all promoting the pib community where 98% were inactive. If you don’t realize you’re being cheated that’s your problem if you are happy being cheated then go enjoy your life it’s your life do whatever you want nobody cares about you nobody’s coming to help you nobody cares about you nobody’s going to come save you your problems are your own problems and you’ve got to fix your own problems if you enjoy being a fool then do it nobody cares nobody cares about you.

    • Jamie says:

      Well said Courtney!

  13. David Sharpe says:

    Road map to ripoff is a scam and you’re always going to have schmucks who have drunk the Kool-Aid who don’t have any experience they are fooled by false prophets or authority

    What was Milgram’s experiment on reaction to authority?
    In the study, an authority figure ordered participants to deliver what they believed were dangerous electrical shocks to another person. These results suggested that people are highly influenced by authority, and highly obedient.

  14. Jay says:

    You are so wrong and I can tell full of bitterness and hate is unreal! You haven’t got a clue never even taking any of the courses yourself what a joke of a blog!

  15. Julie says:

    Wow! For a “sucessful” lawer who know so well your article clearly show the opposite.

    You are posting a bunch of misinformation it’s cray like you are using

    You clearly doesn’t know what is a pyramid scheme. As people are buying a product (digital training) and disclaimenr are clearly visible everywhere.. I did the 15 days LM challenge and I didn’t get any pressure whatsoever to buy.. and it is bot an MMR.

    To me you look like a cry baby saying a bunch of misinformation taking all your credibility away.

  16. Jan says:

    MRR is not a scam business model.

    I purchased an MRR product (not LM or Roadmap) and through the training, I’ve learned how to create and set up sales funnels & email campaigns. I’ve learned invaluable skills for social media marketing, and what it takes to create sustainable income.

    I’ve been freelance for 30+ years and even if I never resell the product, I have the skills to help my clients market their business and increase my rates.

    Digital marketing is set to double over the next few years. AI will take many jobs and many people worldwide are struggling to pay their bills, and have an actual life. My mentor made $5,800 in her first month. For many people that would make a huge difference.

    If you’re going to slam a business model, get your facts right. I plan to create my own products to sell with PLR and MRR because I want to help people escape the shitty rat race. That’s what this business model does if the products are of value, and teach people transferable skills.

  17. Nicole says:

    Do an article about Simply Passive! It’s more fishy than the rest and people need to be warned! The newest MRR as of one month ago. One of the founders has a smaller following and claimed on day one of posting to have made $20k and later that day claimed to have made $75k!!!

  18. Deb says:

    Wow…this is all crazy…I’ve bought so many courses at high ticket prices that were so complicated and unless you are very tech savvy already, these courses are useless to anyone new to digital marketing. I could give a crap what the course developers make on selling their course, the point would be that I’ve learned more from the roadmap to inspire my own digital products at a low cost of $497 than with thousands spent on crazy technical jargon…. To criticize materials that can help anyone understand better the whole online thing is ridiculous. At the end of the day, We are all responsible for whatever ethical practices we choose to foster and deliver to others. I for one don’t give a damn what nonsense and misinformation you put out there as long as I’m comfortable with my own business goals and objectives that make money from online training and ultimately develop a great product and/or opportunity for others. End of story!

  19. Lauren says:

    First of all, thank you so much for this blog post! I am so glad that I had a gut-feeling and PAUSED before purchasing one of those $497 courses or cough up the full $2500 for David’s course. You’re absolutely right when you say that they lead with these big flashy numbers, and yes for a time I also got looped in thinking, wow, how do they do that? I want that too! Doesn’t everybody LOL but I wanted to ask you or the group here, what would you think about purchasing one of the $497 courses just to learn about actual digital marketing? I have also seen that Google provides a certification program in digital marketing which is free but takes about 6 months. I want to work in digital marketing and learn those new skills, but I want to do so in a way where I can keep my integrity. What would you think of going that route just for the education and then applying it to my own separate business? Do you still think that what they sell is overpriced? Thanks!

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