The Real Cost of Running an Online Business



  1. […] annual plan that also forecasts income and profit is one of the best ways to clarify what you want to do during the year. Having overarching goals […]

  2. […] great investment I made was in my team! By having them implement the right procedures and workflows, and helping me refine the quality of work I give my clients, I’ve found that I’ve had much […]

  3. […] those tasks along to a contractor who can help you out for a few hours each week. They most likely can get those tasks done for you […]

  4. […] to get started on the right foot though, you should probably set some realistic expectations on what your business might actually cost you. Take a look at the video below ‚ — I’m showing you what it really costs to run a small […]

  5. […] won’t say that it was a “cost-conscious” investment. It DID require a lot of money. But the money I made in return? Tenfold. Investing back into your businesses will always pay […]

  6. […] actually need, not one that just sounds fun that will sit and collect dust), coaching, software, or employees/contractors. These can really yield a positive return and help you pour back into the offers you have…which […]

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