Selling Digital Products vs Selling Online Courses



  1. […] You have a lot of room for creativity here since you’re not limited by the presets in other storefronts. That means you can create a completely branded experience and charge as much as you want. This is a great match for more expensive digital products, like in-depth templates or guides (or even courses!) […]

  2. […] A digital product isn’t a course: You don’t have to create a multi-module resource that takes months to finish. You also don’t have to check forums, review submissions, or monitor your students’ progress. You can also laser-focus your digital product to solve one specific (yet painful) problem for your customer, instead of teaching them a multi-step process or nuanced issue.  […]

  3. […] can repurpose that content to focus on the highlights. For example, you can pull pieces from your online courses and turn them into new products (like […]

  4. […] the online biz space for a while now and I know there are a lot of theories about how to market digital products, courses, and services. But the truth is: Digital products are different from those last two. You need to approach them […]

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