6 Financial Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make



  1. […] our strengths and needing help managing money is nothing to be ashamed of (hi…it’s the girl who used to be over $78K in credit card debt. You bet your ass I needed financial […]

  2. […] a bit more anxiety than usual. So, they’re going to be tuning into content that shows them how to protect their goods and services, their homes, their business, their finances, you name it. They’ll be consuming less content that […]

  3. […] extended payment plans on your products makes them more accessible to potential customers by helping them feel more secure purchasing them. That way, they know that even if they don’t have the money for it right away, they can still buy […]

  4. […] I will say that some are better investments than others. In the last 7+ years, I found that the best resources were the ones that made me do the hard work […]

  5. […] And most of the time, I ended up losing interest. I learned that was I was looking for was the high that came from shopping, not the actual item itself. And window shopping worked really well to ease that “need” because it helped me stay on track with my goal to be financially free.  […]

  6. […] I didn’t stop. I was buying courses, I was investing in mentors. I didn’t even have a business yet. I was buying websites and […]

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